How to write a press release


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How to write a Press Release

After looking through the current discussions online about how to write a press release it’s reasonably clear that most people agree on some of the basic points, they’re just expressed in slightly different ways. Generally the advice online comes from people with experience writing the releases themselves or from journalists who receive the releases. It’s also reasonably clear that some of the content available is written from an academic point of view.

Whatever your background, as a business (particularly an online business) you will at some point have the need to get a press release (also called a news release or media release) out to the market and you will be hoping to have that press release picked up by the media.

Each of the articles I’ve read offer advice on effective press release writing which tend to center around the dual needs of having both newsworthy content for readers as well as newsworthy content in the eyes of the editor, journalist or reporter that you’re sending the press release to.

As a way of sourcing the writing methods that are considered the most important for completing a successful release and gaining promotion of your release in the media, I decided to canvas the “how to write a press release” articles that were available online and complete a summary of the most important items.

There has been intentional duplication across these points as they’ve been written down while looking through the advice that has been given out online (the sources are given below for due credit) as a way to re-inforce the importance of each writing item while you read through them:

One of the interesting things that comes from this list is the repetition of the importance of the Headline or Title as the single most influential piece of your press release. There are others that come to the front e.g the importance of the lead paragraph and the use of Why, Who, What, When, Where however they pale compared to the stress that is put on the headline.

Overall, each of the factors above will contribute to writing an effective press release and no amount of advice is better than cultivating your own experience in the market you’re writing for by giving it a go for your own business.



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